Pilgrim’s Process

by David R. Peel (Author)
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This book traces the intellectual journey of a Christian minister and theologian. Starting with his discovery of God through a love of the natural world, David Peel's encounter with thinkers from his Reformed tradition and extensive ecumenical involvement takes him to a revisionary theology which meets his attempt to integrate a scientific background with the Christian faith. Essays written during his career illustrate the path he has taken. The topics covered include theological method; the centrality of theology for the church's life and work; a sacramental view of ministry; the missional church; biblical authority; nonconformity's gifts to the contemporary church; and theological education. Peel's theological approach is as critical of inadequate theologies inherited from the past as it is determined to construct a Christian narrative which satisfies twin requirements: first, being congruent with the Jesus tradition; and secondly, convincing the minds, reaching the hearts, and driving the commitments of contemporary people. Both ministers and church members are challenged to view their own theological journeys as God-given vocations.

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August 31, 2021
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