Masquerading Memoirs

by Lawrence Creegan (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

I was born the fourth of four sons to my Irish school teaching parents who resided in Warwick, Rhode Island. Like many other kids, I was a handful for my parents, but I managed to graduate from Pilgrim High School in Warwick in 1973. I then enrolled in Johnson and Wales University in Providence in 1976 and graduated in 1978 with an associate degree in culinary arts. I only lasted about four years in the food industry as it mostly commands that you work on weekend nights and holidays. During my stint in the food industry I would hear from my friends “what a party you missed” or “what a concert you missed”. Needless to say, I got sick of hearing this so I took a carpenter apprentice job and ended up starting my own construction business as an independent home remodeler. That kept me happy and lasted 26 years until the banking crisis hit in 2008. As the economy hit bottom my phone quit ringing as everyone was afraid to spend any money. I then took a job with the state of Rhode Island working for a local university near my home. I have since retired, on my birthday of all days, in November of 2020. Now I just wait for the royalty checks to roll in.

This book is basically an autobiography starting with the continuation of my first book “Hi-Larry-ous Halloweens” which was published in 2004. I didn’t give up making costumes after 2004 so I created this book to give some insight to the “Hi-Larry-ous-Halloweens” fans I created after first book came out. Costumes make up the first half of the book and the rest are short stories of events that have happened to me over my lifetime. When I let some close friends read the prototype of this book most of them were laughing a page or two which makes me smile.

Publication date
August 30, 2021
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