Paralyzed Emotions

by Roby,Rodney D. (Author)
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When I was first diagnosed with a mental illness, I sought after information that could tell me just what in the world was happening to me. There was nothing. Or at least I didn’t find anything. I wrote these letters to my first psychiatrist so she could see inside my head. To see all the fear, confusion, hurt, and multitudes of thoughts that hounded me. When I read these letters to my wife, I actually cried. I completed this book with a prayer that it will help people who suffer to understand what they are going through and see that there is hope. Also, so people can understand what their loved one is going though. Prayerfully, this book will help doctors and counselors.

This is very powerful! Not only will you see all the illness but a lot of hope and healing.

Publication date
August 30, 2021
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