The Prince And The Nightingale

The Prince And The Nightingale

by Abhishek Bhatt (Author), Sukrit Sharma (Narrateur)
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A tragic tale of star-crossed love, set against the nascent years of a newly independent nation. Inspired by true events.

On the eve of India's Independence, Maharaja Uday Singh, the King of Ranakpour, urges his children to find their place in the new India as their 800-year rule on the princely state comes to an end. Stripped of his royal status, Uday Singh's middle son, Abhimanyu, lands in Bombay to follow his passion - cricket.

While the young prince tries to adapt to life in the metropolis as a commoner, he meets Meera Apte, a struggling, working class singer with an angelic voice, and they bond over their common interest: Indian classical music.

Soon, Abhimanyu finds himself torn between familial duties and his growing passion for Meera.

Finally, the lovers make a choice that will change their destinies forever.

Publication date
September 18, 2021
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