Practical Models for Technical Communication

by Shannon Kelley (Author)
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Practical Models of Technical Communication is a college-level textbook for technical writers and communicators. This exciting textbook is written in plain language and makes use of the lessons it gives in clear communication and plentiful examples with instructional annotations. Its useful, real-world examples of technical communication introduce concepts of multimodal communication that technical writers embrace in their work to simplify complex writing for actual users.

This book explores the fundamentals of technical communication, expanding on the following topics:

  • Embracing ethical communication visually and in writing
  • Designing documents for readability, emphasis, and organization
  • Increasing rhetorical awareness of multimodality in all types of communication
  • Researching and documenting source material effectively
  • Crafting successful job materials for entering the workforce
  • Communicating professionally within various work environments
  • Writing and organizing an array of technical documents such as definitions, descriptions, instructions, procedures, proposals, and reports
  • Navigating the changing needs of audiences that technical writers meet along the way

Publication date
August 23, 2021
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