Confessions of a Labradiva

by Mark Carlson (Author), Saffron (Author)
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Have you ever wondered how a Guide Dog knows how to lead a blind person? How they protect their owner from harm in crossing busy streets, into stores and restaurants, and even travel on airlines and cruise ships? Here is your chance to find out. Up to a point, that is. This is the long-awaited sequel to the popular and insightful Confessions of a Guide Dog - The Blonde Leading the Blind by Musket.

Confessions of a Labradiva - Another Blonde Leading the Blind is the story of Saffron, who began working with Mark Carlson in September of 2012.
While Saffron is certainly a well-trained Guide Dog, loving, loyal and devoted, she is not just another blonde. She is a Labradiva, a unique breed of Yellow Labrador.
In Confessions of a Labradiva you will follow Saffron , as Mark does, from her birth at Guide Dogs for the Blind, through puppy raising and Guide Dog training and into a remarkable life as a working dog. That might be more than enough for most Guide Dog books, but not for Saffron the Labradiva!

Mark Carlson, who did most of the actual writing relates how he, Jane and Musket came to welcome and love Saffron, who was as different from her big brother as could be.
Saffron has touched and enriched the lives of people all over the country, been loved by men and women of the Greatest Generation, and has touched hearts with her wagging tail and soft tongue. All she ever ask for in return was belly rubs and treats, especially treats.

Confessions of a Labradiva - Another Blonde Leading the Blind is written in the same mischievous and indulgent style as the first book. It is meant to make the reader laugh and cry, shake their heads at the absurdities and smile at the victories.
She is cute and comical, sweet and sassy, devoted and a bit devilish. Read on and you’ll see what we mean. It is not your typical Guide Dog book, but then Saffron is not your typical Guide Dog.
This is her story...and she is sticking to it!

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July 15, 2021
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