Preparing for Progress

by Göran Pagels-Fick (Author)
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Whether it’s public or private sector, strategic and policy decisions are the nuts and bolts of creating direction and making progress. Such decisions must be clear, tangible and detailed enough to focus, accelerate and smooth out subsequent levels of operational decision-making.
This book provides a profound analysis of the qualities which should characterise strategic and policy decision processes. It also explains why these processes sometimes don’t deliver as expected. This enlightening, thought-provoking work will take you beyond process models based on boxes and arrows, and enable you to design workflows centred on creativity and learning.
The author illustrates numerous real-life cases, relating processes to outcomes and vice-versa. Using clear, concise language and informative graphs and diagrams, he provides informative yet accessible information for readers from all career paths.
Göran Pagels-Fick has been a researcher, a business developer and a private sector strategist. His career has included roles in research policy for a national academy and government innovation agency and as a research policy lobbyist in Brussels. His work has also involved him in foresight programmes across various European and Asian countries.
Whatever your field, Preparing for Progress will prove a truly interesting, stimulating and valuable guide.

Publication date
July 30, 2021
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