Why and How We Laugh

by Samuel Kahn (Author)
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The psychological meaning and importance of laughter is explored in this insightful volume by the eminent psychologist and author.
One of the great, simple pleasures of life, laughter is also one of its great mysteries. In Why and How We Laugh, psychoanalyst Dr. Samuel Kahn explores the many purposes, causes, and effects of laughter. He examines laughter as a form of communication and as an important contributor to physical and psychological health.
Dr. Kahn also looks at the curious nature of what makes us laugh. With clinical expertise and relatable examples, he covers the different kinds of laughter, from polite chuckles to nervous titters to convulsive belly laughs. He also uncovers what makes various kinds of jokes funny, as well as the laughter-inducing quality of certain surprising, profane, or even frightening events.

Publication date
August 17, 2021
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