Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs

by Harry E. Wedeck (Author)
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This delightfully mischievous A-to-Z guide features love potions, powerful herbs, and much more, drawn from global spiritual and esoteric traditions.
From absinthe, almond soup, and Albertus Magnus to yarrow, yohimbine, and Emile Zola,
this authoritative reference volume covers knowledge of aphrodisiacs spanning centuries, drawn from literature, spirituality, and ancient science. Entries include edible substances believed to enhance sexual performance, gemstones thought to possess amorous charms, gods and goddesses of love from various myths, and historic figures who contributed to studies and thought on aphrodisiacs.
This dictionary reveals many intriguing ways for partners to enrich their relationships, including recipes to stimulate the gourmet lover using the many ingredients described in the book.

Publication date
August 17, 2021
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