Clumsy Callie

by Alicia Fadgen (Author), Victoria Robustello (Illustrator)
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Ever struggle with feeling left out?

CLUMSY CALLIE takes you through a girl's world of disappointment and embarrassment who is constantly teased by others for her clumsiness. Callie constantly gets hurt, breaks things, ruins things for others, and so much more.

Now she's invited to her classmate's birthday party, but Callie fears she will ruin the entire day, and questions if she should even go. With some encouragement from her mother, she decides to give it a shot.

Will she be left out once again? Will the other kids tease her? Will she overcome her fears? Will her clumsiness ever become her advantage?

Find out what happens when you find the courage to embrace who you are!

Publication date
August 03, 2021
File size
5 MB