Finding My Grace

by Cerny,Kate (Author)
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Finding My Grace is a story of hope and healing through one woman's battle with cancer. Kate invites you in as she shares the intimate details of her life before diagnosis. As a self-employed small-business owner in Hawaii, her days are full of the demands of running an equine training, teaching, and boarding facility. Like so many people in the midst of pursuing their careers, she is swamped by her success. She is exhausted at the end of the day and dismissive of any need to take care of herself.

It all comes into perspective when she is diagnosed at thirty-seven with breast cancer and must undergo aggressive surgery and chemotherapy for treatment. Through her battle, she realizes the preciousness of life, family, unconditional love, and living the life she wants. As she recovers from treatment, she slowly rebuilds her life with a softer touch.

Just as all the pieces of her new cancer-free life are coming together, the disease casts its shadow, and the real work begins. Choosing to thrive with a terminal disease takes deeper healing and acceptance of imperfection. The resilience and determination of a life with metastatic breast cancer can't help but inspire.

Publication date
July 20, 2021
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