The Complete Short Stories

by Katherine Mansfield (Author)
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Considered one of the greatest short story writers of her generation, Katherine Mansfield was a prolific and modern writer from New Zealand. Born Katherine Mansfield Beauchamp in Wellington, New Zealand in 1888, Mansfield’s family was socially prominent and well-off. She moved to England for the first time at age 15 to attend Queen’s College with her sisters. Mansfield developed a life-long love for England and would live there off and on until her untimely death from tuberculosis in 1923 in France, while seeking a cure for her illness. Mansfield was a friend and contemporary of writers such as D. H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf and was influenced by the work of Anton Chekhov. While Mansfield published many stories in periodicals during her lifetime, she wrote much in the final years of her life that was not published until her death. Her stories are remarkable for their clarity and insightfulness and her masterful ability to capture the small and subtle moments that change lives forever. This collection includes a complete compilation of her short stories. This edition includes a biographical afterword.

Publication date
July 12, 2020
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