Medication Detox

Unlimited loans, One at a time

Medication Detox reveals the key to taking charge of one?s health and how to take back their life and stop wasting time and money.

It?s time to learn how to make small changes that make a big difference and ultimately put the health back in the hands of people struggling with taking too many medications. With Medication Detox, it won?t be long before they won?t need many medications ? if any! In Medication Detox, board-certified physician Rachel Reinhart Taylor, MD shows how to:

  • Recognize the best method of healing

  • Avoid the constant increases in the cost of health
  • Begin decreasing the need for medications
  • Simplify a healthy lifestyle to have more time
  • Gain confidence in the ability to manage health

  • Publication date
    July 07, 2020