Electroplating for Amateurs

by J. Poyner (Author)
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An insightful resource for amateurs and model engineers, Electroplating for Home Machinists is a complete manual detailing the principles and practices of several forms and functions of plating. Featuring the techniques of depositing a thin metallic layer on an object for decoration, corrosion protection, electrical conductivity, wear resistance, and more, this guide provides solutions for small workshops looking to plate with any of the customary metals using simple and inexpensive equipment. Although no longer common practice to electroplate as described, this classic edition is a noteworthy resource for anyone involved in the trade! Author Jack Poyner is a professional model engineer involved in all forms of plating. He is aware of what’s valuable for beginners and what is best suited for experts, making this guide thoughtful, useful, and practical for amateurs.

Publication date
August 24, 2021
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