Walking Behind Schizophrenic Eyes

Walking Behind Schizophrenic Eyes

de Perry Ritthaler (Auteur)
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Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this presentation on the many faces of schizophrenia.

This e-book "Walking Behind Schizophrenic Eyes" is a true story full of reflective thoughts accompanied by beautiful color illustration pictures to help the reader understand the mental illness condition schizophrenia.

"Walking Behind Schizophrenic Eyes" is a reflection of a journey of a person's true story that suffers from schizophrenia. This e-book can help to serve as a training manual which can help empower you or family members to better deal with understanding the mental illness conditions combined with marijuana addictions surrounding schizophrenia.

This e-book is designed to serve as a helpful guide to assist people in understanding more about people suffering from schizophrenia; it is a tool to help strengthen your connection with faith and move your life in a steadily positive successful recovery direction.

The ideas presented here in pictures and text format and poetry are designed to enrich your life by opening the doors to a better understanding of the mental illness conditions surrounding the creation of schizophrenia.

Perry Ritthaler proceeds beyond the limitations and borders set by others to help us explore truth and ourselves.Designed to promote inner peace, personal growth and development, this e-book will take the reader to higher dimensions in the understanding of schizophrenia behavior patterns. This unique publication offers specialized information and ideas which will help you to quickly make positive, effective and lasting changes in your life, leading to more personal empowerment, health and happiness for those schizophrenic.

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5 janvier 2013
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