Baseball's Iconic 1-0 Games

by Warren N. Wilbert (Author)
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In Baseball’s Iconic 1-0 Games Warren Wilbert chronicles the most compelling and tense 1-0 nail-biters in the history of the game. Organized thematically, this book covers Opening Day 1-0 games; the best regular season 1-0 games, pitched by greats such as John “Jocko” Flynn and Randy Johnson; 1-0 games in championship play, from the first inning of playoffs to the final out of the World Series; perfect 1-0 games, of which only eight have been pitched since 1871—and only seven with a single pitcher; and pitching titans such as Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, and Cy Young. Appendixes include a full list of pitchers to have thrown a no-hit 1-0 game, pitching greats who have amassed ten or more career 1-0 victories, and 1-0 games in both the Negro Leagues and the Japanese Major Leagues. Featuring more than 30 photographs, Baseball’s Iconic 1-0 Games is sure to fascinate all baseball fans, players, and historians.

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December 21, 2012
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