In Her Words: Critical Studies on Gloria Fuertes

by Margaret H. Persin (Author)
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During her lifetime Gloria Fuertes achieved the status of a controversial cultural icon, both through her poetry for adults and through her poetry, recorded readings, and television programs for juveniles. This collection of lively essays, by authors who specialize in contemporary Spanish poetry, approaches the works of Gloria Fuertes from various theoretical and critical perspectives. In Her Words speaks to the inherent complexity of Gloria Fuertes's poetry, as manifested in its ultimate indeterminacy and undecidability, yet attest to this poet's abiding value as the voice of the marginalized-women, the poor, children, all the invisible members of society- who were silenced during the years of Spanish dictatorship under Franco.

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Jasmina Arsova (Collaborator), Mark Bajus (Collaborator), Catherine G. Bellver (Collaborator), Douglas K. Benson (Collaborator), Brenda Cappuccio (Collaborator), Elena Castro (Collaborator), Carys Evans-Corrales (Collaborator), Salvador J. Fajardo (Collaborator), Mary Makris (Collaborator), Martha LaFollette Miller (Collaborator), Sharon Keefe Ugalde (Collaborator), Reyes Vila-Belda (Collaborator), John C. Wilcox (Collaborator)
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April 29, 2011
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