Europe on a G-String

by L. A. Florrie (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

When three friends decide to throw caution to the wind, quit their full time jobs and travel through Europe for six months, they visualised an adventure they would never forget. And they weren't wrong! More than three decades later, they were still gas-bagging about the absurd situations they found themselves in. From Brisbane to London via the Greek Islands and other intoxicating European countries to boot, their looming escapade would become the topic of conversation for the rest of their lives.

Chained to their dreary office desks since school, Brooke, Claire and Lucy had finally had enough of the corporate world. Existing like caged birds Monday to Friday was no longer an option. It was time for them to spread their dormant wings and take flight. Two Geminis and a Capricorn made an interesting travel combination, but when you’re friends till the end, it doesn’t matter what star sign you are, unless of course you’re a Capricorn with Cancer rising and decide to give it all away in Venice, because you fear for your life.

The road to Utopia was never meant to be easy, but when you’re filled with hopes and dreams, who cares if you meet some oddballs along the way? From Greek Gods to Italian models. From a repulsive sex crazed Yugoslavian taxi driver, to an irresistible Serbian ex-con. From brushes with the Police in Venice to French thieves on the Metro in Paris, not to mention more than a few shady characters in between, this would certainly be a trip they would never forget.

So if you’re looking for fun under the European sun, not to mention some unabashed sex and romance to spice up your every day life, grab your passport, book a ticket and join us on our trip of a lifetime.

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March 23, 2021
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