The Birds' Christmas Carol

by Kate Douglas Wiggin (Author)
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Kate Douglas Wiggin was an important reformer of children?s education at the turn of the century. During a period when children?s use in society was often little more than for cheap labor, Kate Douglas Wiggin was dedicated to the betterment of youth. She was the first person to found a free kindergarten school in San Francisco in 1878. Her passion for children?s rights carried over to her successful career as an author of children?s books. In her 1887 tale ?The Birds? Christmas Carol?, Kate Douglas Wiggin tells the story of the angelic Carol Bird, a young girl who spreads mirth to everyone around her. Born on Christmas, Carol tragically falls ill when she is five years old. The novel follows her heartwarming plan to hold a majestic Christmas celebration for the neighboring Ruggles family. A true Christmas classic, this tale is sure to inspire all with Christmas joy. This edition includes a biographical afterword.

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May 31, 2020
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