by Evelyn Underhill (Author)
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First published in 1911, ?Mysticism? is the seminal work on the subject by noted English Christian mystic and author Evelyn Underhill. The book is divided into two parts which examine both the history and meaning of mysticism and how it can be a part of one?s daily life and spiritual practice. In the first part, ?The Mystic Fact?, Underhill explores the theological, psychological, and philosophical underpinnings of mysticism from a historical perspective. Underhill rejected the association often made between mysticism and magic or the occult and sought to clear up the many misunderstandings and confusions surrounding the topic. She contended that mysticism should be viewed as a legitimate psychological phenomenon and an important part of spirituality and spiritual leadership. In the second part, ?The Mystic Way?, Underhill examines the application of mysticism in one?s life as a means for spiritual growth. She argues that incorporating mystical practices can help one achieve a more loving and creative life. Underhill?s ?Mysticism? remains a widely read and hugely influential work on the historical importance of this little understood practice. It is both a fantastic introduction to the search for spirituality through mysticism and an almost encyclopedic examination of the subject.

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May 31, 2020
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