Villager Jim's Highland Cows

by Villager Jim (Author)
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A delightful photo-filled celebration of this uniquely charismatic Scottish cattle breed.
One of Britain’s most popular farm animals, these long-horned, curly-coated cows are among the many subjects featured in Villager Jim’s daily online photographic adventures, which have gained numerous followers. Jim, who’s earned an Editor’s Choice in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, wanders among the herds throughout the seasons, taking shots from many different angles as they graze on moorland, heathland, woodland copses, and lush green farmland.
Getting close to one to photograph is a respectful journey; although they are normally very peaceful animals, Jim is always mindful to stay within their field of view and not invade their space too much. Many of Jim’s shots have a comic element to them, with the cows’ fondness for constant nose cleaning and their serious but amusing expressions semi-hidden behind masses of tangled hair. The photos and captions in this colorful collection are a unique treat for anyone who loves animals.

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January 31, 2020
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