The Young Adult's Guide to Investing

by Rob Pivnick (Author)
Unlimited loans, 2 years, One at a time

Learn all about saving and compounding, budgeting, debt, negotiations, and more in this ultimate guide to finances and money!

It’s never too early to start saving those dollars! This extensive guide is perfect for teenagers, millennials, and even adults who want to learn more about how to handle money, banking, and investing in their future accounts. No more insecurity about the low funds in those bank accounts. Written by a financial advocate, this comprehensive guide is easy to understand and filled with fun graphics, tempting even the most uninterested teen to read and follow along. Encouraging financial independence and good saving habits, this book will teach
you concepts and skills such as:

  • Setting financial goals
  • Risk v. reward
  • Diversification
  • Financial advising
  • Minimizing costs and expenses
  • And more!

Statistically, Americans as a whole are financially illiterate; 21 percent of adults think that winning the lottery is their best chance of retirement! It is not too late to start learning how to best spend, save, and invest your money. With plenty of fun facts and basic lessons and takeaways, The Young Adult’s Guide to Investing is the perfect way to start planning your best financial future!

Publication date
April 06, 2021
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