Expedition Deep Ocean

Expedition Deep Ocean

by Josh Young (Author), Eric G. Dove (Narrateur)
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The riveting story of the history-making mission to reach the bottom of all five of the world?s oceans ? the ultimate frontier of our planet.

Humankind has explored every continent on earth, climbed its tallest mountains, and gone into space. But the largest areas of our planet remain a mystery: the deep oceans. At over 36,000 feet deep, these areas closest to earth?s core have remained nearly impossible to reach?until now.

Technological innovations, engineering breakthroughs, and the derring-do of a unique team of engineers and scientists, led by explorer Victor Vescovo, brought together an audacious global quest to dive to the deepest points of all five oceans for the first time in history.

Expedition Deep Ocean reveals the marvelous and other-worldly life found in the ocean?s five deepest trenches, including several new species that have posed as of yet unanswered questions about survival and migration between oceans. Then there are the newly discovered sea mounts that cause tsunamis when they are broken by shifting tectonic plates and jammed back into the earth?s crust, something that can now be studied to predict future disasters.

Filled with high drama, adventure and the thrill of discovery, Expedition Deep Ocean celebrates courage and ingenuity and reveals the majesty and importance of the deep ocean.

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March 02, 2021
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