Living Constitution, Dying Faith

by Bradley C. S. Watson (Author)
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A “living” constitution. Runaway courts. Legislating from the bench.
These phrases come up a lot in the national political debate. They raise the ire of many Americans.
But where did the ideas come from? Why do courts play a role so alien to the one the American Founders outlined? And how did unelected judges gain so much power in our democratic republic?
Political scientist and legal philosopher Bradley C. S. Watson provides the answers in this important book.
To understand why courts today rule the way they do, Watson shows, you must go back more than a century. You’ll find the philosophical and historical roots of judicial activism in the late nineteenth century. Watson traces a line from social Darwinism and pragmatism, through the rise of Progressivism, to our situation today.
Living Constitution, Dying Faith reveals a radical transformation of American political thought.
This ebook features a new introduction examining the latest developments—which only highlight the prescience of Watson’s arguments.

Publication date
November 17, 2020
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