The Business of Persuasion

by Harold Burson (Author)
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“A wonderfully personal account of the thoughts behind a lifelong focus on the reputation of corporations around the world. Candid and straightforward.”—Huffington Post
Harold Burson, described by PRWeek as “the [20th] century’s most influential PR figure,” is perhaps the most recognized name in the industry today. The founder of PR giant Burson-Marsteller had an incredible 70-year career, in which he built a global enterprise from a one-man consulting firm.
In this illuminating and engaging business memoir, Burson traces his career from studying at Ole Miss to serving in World War II, reporting on the Nuremburg trials, and joining with Bill Marsteller. Together, he and Marsteller made history in a new venture that would grow to be one of the biggest public relations companies in the world, with over 60 offices on six continents.
By way of personal and professional examples, Burson shows readers what public relations really entails—its challenges, methodologies, and impacts. His anecdotes on PR challenges like the “Tylenol crisis,” the removal of confederate flags from Ole Miss, and the introduction of “New Coke” illustrate Burson’s time-tested tenets of great PR and crisis management. He interweaves iconic moments from the history of public relations into his story, making this “a must-read for any PR professional” (Jack Welch, executive chairman, Jack Welch Management Institute).
“Every detail of Harold’s professional life is brought alive through an interesting narrative of the highs and lows . . . There is loads of inspiration hidden in every page for everyone. Be it a reader with no interest in Public Relations or a veteran who wants to understand more about the profession.”—Reputation Today

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October 03, 2017
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