Building on Bedrock

by Derek Lidow (Author)
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One of Fast Company’s Best Business Books of the Year: A new foundational guide to entrepreneurial success from the author of Startup Leadership.

Here’s an astounding fact: Over half the working population will try their hand at being an entrepreneur during their working career. They may be motivated by a desire for fortune or fame, by a longing for freedom and control over their lives; by the urge to innovate and create jobs. But how can you know whether being an entrepreneur will end as a dream come true or a nightmare from which you cannot wake?

Building on Bedrock helps answer that question. Based on research and revealed through the stories of American entrepreneurs Sam Walton, Walt Disney, Estee Lauder, Ray Kroc, and others, Building on Bedrock will help you understand the elements most essential to taking the entrepreneurial leap and making a company last. Was it luck, talent, passion, charm, a rich uncle, or something else that was the key to this person’s success? Which might be the key to your success? What you learn may surprise you.
“These days, entrepreneurship is often synonymous with tech startups and venture funding. But that's not the reality for a lot of business owners. CEO, entrepreneur, and business professor Derek Lidow gets into the heart of what it really takes to build a long-lasting business…and how to know whether you are suited to the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship.”—Fast Company, 7 best business books of 2018
“Flat out, the best book on entrepreneurship I have ever read.” —Roger Martin, author of Creating Great Choices

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April 22, 2018
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