The Green Man

by Ellen Datlow (Editor), Terri Windling (Editor)
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Drawing on the mythology of the Green Man and the power of nature, Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, and others serve up “a tasty treat for fantasy fans” (Booklist).
There are some “genuine gems” in this “enticing collection” of fifteen stories and three poems, all featuring “diverse takes on mythical beings associated with the protection of the natural world,” most involving a teen’s coming-of-age. Delia Sherman “takes readers into New York City’s Central Park, where a teenager wins the favor of the park’s Green Queen.” Michael Cadnum offers a “dynamic retelling of the Daphne story.” Charles de Lint presents an “eerie, heartwarming story in which a teenager resists the lure” of the faerie world. Tanith Lee roots her tale in “the myth of Dionysus, a god of the Wild Wood.” Patricia A. McKillip steeps her story in “the legend of Herne, guardian of the forest. Magic realism flavors Katherine Vaz’s haunting story. Gregory Maguire takes on Jack and the Beanstalk, and Emma Bull looks to an unusual Green Man—a Joshua tree in the desert” (Booklist). These enduring works of eco-fantasy by some of the genre’s most popular authors impart “a real sense of how powerful nature can be in its various guises” (School Library Journal).
“A treasure trove for teens and teachers exploring themes of ecology and folklore.” —Kirkus Reviews
“The stories are well-written and manage to speak to both the intellect and the emotions.” —SF Site

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Neil Gaiman (Collaborator), Delia Sherman (Collaborator), Michael Cadnum (Collaborator), Charles de Lint (Collaborator), Tanith Lee (Collaborator), Jane Yolen (Collaborator), Patricia A. McKillip (Collaborator), Midori Snyder (Collaborator), Katherine Vaz (Collaborator), Nina Kiriki Hoffman (Collaborator), Carol Emshwiller (Collaborator), Gregory Maguire (Collaborator), Emma Bull (Collaborator), Carolyn Dunn (Collaborator), Kathe Koja (Collaborator), M. Shayne Bell (Collaborator), Bill Lewis (Collaborator), Jeffrey Ford (Collaborator)
Publication date
March 24, 2020
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