The Kid's User Guide to a Human Life

by Rebecca Brenner (Author), Brooke Kemmerer (Illustrator)
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The author of The Kid’s User Guide to a Human Life: Book One: An Open Mind returns with mindfulness techniques for dealing with emotions.
The second book in the Kid’s User Guide to a Human Life series teaches kids (and inner kids) about mindfulness techniques for working with emotions. It looks closely at how feelings arise and how to navigate the sometimes tumultuous river of emotions, and it shares simple, yet very effective, ways to sort through them. Through different techniques, kids will be able to learn more about being mindful and figuring out how they feel to help lead them towards better emotional well-being and health.
The Kid’s User Guide to a Human Life series helps the reader discover the answer to the question “Who am I really?” by explaining all the ways in which we change and shift from one role in our life to the next, and how even our body doesn’t stay the same for long. It is great for parents, teachers, and counselors who are interested in learning more about mindfulness for kids and how to discuss and teach the important points and ideas.

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July 26, 2016
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