Answers to 100 Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Retirement Benefits

de John Weber (Éditeur)
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Completely updated, expert advice on making the most important financial decision of your life.
When it comes to Social Security benefits, the first question most people facing retirement asks is, when do I start? Age 62? Given the changing laws and the overwhelming number of core rules and codicils, the answer is, there is no single best answer for everybody. This comprehensive—and comprehensible—book functions both as a primer and to dispel many of the common misconceptions people have about Social Security: what it really is, how it works, and how to get the most from the greatest “investment” you ever made.
Best of all, editor John Weber does all the work for you. Sifting through thousands of pages of SSA publications, he narrows down the hundred most important and frequently asked questions about Social Security. He also unscrambles just as many pages of head-scratching answers and lays them all out in clear, concise, and useful language to guide you toward maximizing your retirement benefits in the simplest way possible.
From enrollment to payday, this invaluable book will help you make the most informed decisions about securing the comfortable and stress-free future you deserve.

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11 décembre 2018
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