Snow White, Blood Red

by Ellen Datlow (Editor), Terri Windling (Editor)
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Fairy tales retold—with a twist—from “some of our best storytellers” including Neil Gaiman, Gahan Wilson, Tanith Lee, and others (The Washington Post).
In this “no holds barred . . . nightmarish . . . provocative” collection, bestselling and award-winning fantasy masters put a dark, disturbing, and erotic spin on your favorite bedtime stories—and give you something entirely new to trouble your dreams (The New York Times Book Review).
A boy is haunted through adulthood by a soul-eating creature that lies forever in wait under Neil Gaiman’s “Troll Bridge”; a melancholy amphibian shares his most private fantasies with a therapist in Gahan Wilson’s “The Frog Prince”; in Tanith Lee’s “Snow-Drop,” a lonely artist invites seven circus performers into her home to satisfy an obsession; in Steve Rasnic Tem’s “Little Poucet,” a band of lost brothers find refuge and terror with a hungry family in the woods; and Wendy Wheeler delves into the deviant psyche of the predatory male in “Little Red.” Also featuring Nancy Kress, Charles de Lint, Melanie Tem, Patricia A. McKillip, Jack Dann, and others, all paying a revisit to our favorite fairy tales in ways you’ve never dared to imagine.

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Neil Gaiman (Collaborator), Tanith Lee (Collaborator), Caroline Stevermer (Collaborator), Jane Yolen (Collaborator), Elizabeth A. Lynn (Collaborator), Lisa Goldstein (Collaborator), Gahan Wilson (Collaborator), Esther Friesner (Collaborator), Charles de Lint (Collaborator), Steve Rasnic Tem (Collaborator), Gregory Frost (Collaborator), Harvey Jacobs (Collaborator), Nancy Kress (Collaborator), Susan Wade (Collaborator), Jack Dann (Collaborator), Kathe Koja (Collaborator), Patricia A. McKillip (Collaborator), Wendy Wheeler (Collaborator), Melanie Tem (Collaborator), Ryan Edmonds (Collaborator), Leonard Rysdyk (Collaborator)
Publication date
January 01, 2019
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