Princess for a Week

by Betty Ren Wright (Author), Jacqueline Rogers (Illustrator)
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“Boys and girls alike will appreciate the mix of classic and contemporary elements in this creepy, suspenseful middle-grade mystery” (The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books).

Roddy Hall overhears his mother saying “Princess” is coming to visit. He’s excited—he’s always wanted a dog. But then he finds out that—ick—Princess is a girl and—yuck—she’ll be staying for a whole week. One night, Princess, Roddy, and his best friend, Jacob, notice a mysterious car pull up to an abandoned house. Could it be a burglar? Or worse yet, a ghost? Princess is determined to find out, and against his better judgment, Roddy goes along with her. They sneak out of the house to investigate—but will they be ready for what they might find?
Princess for a Week is a Society for School Librarians International Honor Book.

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July 21, 2015
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