Rosie and the Dance of the Dinosaurs

by Betty Ren Wright (Author)
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The big piano recital is coming up soon, and Rosie feels anything but ready—“captures the down-to-earth rhythms of suburban life, spiced with humor” (Kirkus Reviews).

Even though Rosie has only nine fingers, she’s always managed well. Until now. For some reason, she can’t master the piano solo she’s been rehearsing for the annual recital. It’s called “The Dance of the Dinosaurs,” and it’s hard! As the recital draws near, Rosie is desperate. Why does everything seem so much more difficult now? Is it because she misses her father? Since he moved to Milwaukee to take a new job, Rosie’s been miserable, and her mother has been acting kind of strange. Or is Rosie having trouble because she’s worried about the burglar who’s been secretly visiting her house? Then, too, there’s Mary Jean, the new girl in town. Not only is she rich and pretty, but she plays the piano beautifully.
In the weeks before the recital, Rosie fights some hard battles. To her surprise, she discovers that having nine fingers isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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July 21, 2015
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