Past Nostalgias

by Mario Garrido Espinosa (Author), Ana Maria Castroviejo (Translator)
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"Past Nostalgias" is a collection of childhood and youth memories, where the author unleashes his customary irony, but this time covered by the tenderness or beauty of somewhat mythologized memories. Some of these "Nostalgias" were published during 2016 in different social networks with great success. Readers recognized the protagonist's experiences as their own, either because they experienced similar situations or because they reminded them of others that they had already forgotten. This recognition not only occurred among Spanish readers; they also found similarities between Argentina and Mexico. After all, children are still children because they are on the other side of the planet. Relive again the illusion of when they bought you a simple comic, the terror in its purest form when it was time to visit the practitioner, the joy of the summer on the beach, the simplicity of your childhood birthdays, just as they were in the last quarter of the Last century; but beware, you may be surprised how similar this book is to the beginnings of your own biography.

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Publication date
January 19, 2021
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