Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World: Book 3

Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World: Book 3

by Dianna Love (Author), Stephen R. Thorne (Narrateur)
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Dianna Love?s Belador series continues with more reveals and unexpected twists.

While the Imortik venom continues to drain Daegan, his dragon confronts the dragon pretending to be his who wants Daegan dead. Casidhe finds a lead on a grimoire volume without Daegan around to stop her from a decision that turns out nothing like she expects. Tristan pays a heavy price for trying to escape spelled manacles. Atlanta is invaded by an influx of demons being driven by an unknown player while VIPER headquarters is attacked, resulting in a dangerous backlash from Tribunal deities.

With hours left to prevent the execution of three Beladors locked beneath VIPER headquarters, Daegan and Quinn race a clock no one can stop ticking.

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Publication date
February 09, 2021
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