Cybersecurity for SCADA Systems

by William T. Shaw (Author)
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The world has changed since the first edition was published in 2006. There have been many technological changes in communications and networking and in other areas of computer science. More focus is given to implementing cybersecurity protections and technical countermeasures. The second edition also takes advantage of the evolved industry-specific cybersecurity standards that have emerged, especially in the electric power and oil-and-gas pipeline industry sectors. 

Cybersecurity for SCADA Systems, 2nd Edition is intended to provide a general background of SCADA system technology and cybersecurity concepts and technologies, showing how the two can be brought together to safeguard our infrastructure and computer automation systems. This book provides a high-level overview of this unique technology, with an explanation of each market segment. Readers will understand the vital issues and learn strategies for decreasing or eliminating system vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity for SCADA Systems, 2nd Edition is suitable for nontechnical, management-level personnel as well as IT personnel without SCADA experience. 

Features and Benefits

  • Functional breakdown and explanation of the typical features, capabilities, and components of a SCADA system

  • IT and cybersecurity technology and terminology overview and explanation

  • Industry-specific as well as generalized discussion of SCADA vulnerabilities and available remediation strategies

  • Discussion of physical and electronic security issues and strategies


  • IT personnel

  • Management

  • Students

Book details

Publication date
January 01, 2021
File size
26 MB