A Yarn-Over Murder

by Ann Yost (Author), Alice Duncan (Editor)
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St. Lucy Found Dead in Funeral Home Sauna?Freshly Anointed Chief Of Police, Hatti Lehtinen, Investigates in A Yarn Over Murder, a Cozy Knitting Mystery from Ann Yost

?Red Jacket, Michigan, On the Keweenaw Peninsula?

A year after her marriage break-up and return to Michigan?s remote Keweenaw Peninsula, Hatti Lehtinen has settled into a peaceful life within the Finnish community as shopkeeper at Bait and Stitch, a hybrid fishing-and-yarn store.

When Hatti's beloved dad, Pops, breaks his leg in a snowmobiling accident, the mayor tags Hatti to fill Pop's role as the town police chief, and entire police force. Assured the job entails little more than prying quarters from frozen parking meters, Hatti steps up.

But Hatti's peaceful existence is short lived when the town's reigning St. Lucy is found dead in the funeral home sauna on the eve of the St. Lucy Festival. Now with a murder to investigate, Hatti's situation is complicated when she discovers the prime suspect is her brother-in-law, Reid Night Wind, a circumstance sure to bring her face-to-face with the husband who dumped her a year earlier?a man she?d hoped to never see again this side of the Pearly Gates.

With the counsel of her knitting circle, Hatti launches her investigation, fearing someone among those she's known all her life is a murderer. With the list of suspects growing like increases in a Finnish wedding ring shawl, the answer comes from an unlikely source. But can the town of Red Jacket ever be the same?

Publisher's Note: The Bait and Stitch Cozy Mystery Series will be enjoyed by readers who appreciate clean, wholesome and humorous mysteries in ethnic settings. Readers who enjoy knitting mysteries as well as fans of Joanne Fluke, CeeCee James, Mildred Abbott and the Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries will not want to miss this captivating series by Ann Yost.

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February 09, 2021
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