The Quran and Its Lessons

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Humans today are in the midst of an ?info-biotech? revolution. The ensuing results may be good in the long run, perhaps with adverse side effects.
Nations on earth, however, are attempting to polarise; powerful politicians agree to disagree. Thus, there is underlying fear and suspicion, leading, I am afraid, to a potential misapprehension. Certainly not a good sign in a multicultural, multi-religious and secular society of our earth ? a large global village. It is time to stop and think. We have a moral responsibility to our children?s children and beyond.
Yes, there are and should be differences of culture, ethnicity and religion. Nature around us is orderly and beautiful. There is no flaw in it says the Quran, but there is an underlying unity in diversity, for humans to learn a lesson from nature, a sense of liberality. I do feel strongly that there are more commonalities in humans to be discovered, despite our differences, hopefully leading to a balanced mutual understanding.
This book is a humble attempt to highlight the general teachings of the textbook of Islam, the perspicuous Quran, which hopefully clears the atmosphere.
Islam is universal and as such has a missionary zeal, yet it is the Quran which proclaims loud and clear: ?There is no compulsion in religion.?

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February 26, 2021
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