All About Land Animals Collection

All About Land Animals Collection

by Highlights for Children (Author), various narrators (Narrateur)
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Listen and relive the exciting tales from Highlights, now on audio! Learn how the arctic squirrel survives the winter and about the warning signs and habits of porcupines, along with other stories about land animals.

Stories include: A Black Bear in My Yard by Lynn Murray, A Lifeline for Lions by Pamela S. Turner, A Moo-ving Experience by Judy Wolfman, Aleck?s Amazing Talking Dog by Kelly Barson, Baboons Mean Mischief by Cecil Dzwowa, Backyard Bunnies by Michelle Lord, Camels Join the Army! by Carol D. Greathouse, Columbus, the Traveling Bear by Sharlene P. Nelson, Do You Speak Prairie Dog? by Cheryl M. Reifsnyder, PhD, Elephant?s Trunk: An All-in-One Tool by Marie Robinson, and more!

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January 19, 2021
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