Kiss and Hell

by Dakota Cassidy (Author)
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Author Note: This book was previously published in 2009 by Berkley Publishing. The book has a new cover and some minimal changes and revisions to the manuscript. Essentially, there have been no significant changes to the story. Please take care before mistakenly purchasing twice.

Hell isn't the only things that's hot!

Delaney Markham has a special talent. Not only does she see dead people, she hears them. By the way, communicating with tormented spirits all day, every day really puts a kink in your love life. With no romantic entanglements to speak of, Delaney is free to use her gifts by holding séances to pay the bills. Except, things go off the rails when she meets one unbelievably infuriating ghost and as her luck would have it, he seems determined to hang around, like all the time!

Clyde Atwell, sinfully hot in a college professor sort of way, is no predictable ghost. Truth be told, he?s a newbie demon and determined to ace his first assignment, which is to take Delaney back to hell. Using every trick in the demon playbook, Clyde gets Delaney to agree to a date. His plan is to trick her into joining him on a trip to hell.

Yeah. Right. Like that's going to happen on the first date!

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2009) Berkley Publishing

Hell series by Dakota Cassidy
1. Kiss and Hell
2. My Way to Hell

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Publication date
January 19, 2021
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