A Slow Ruin

by Pamela Crane (Author)

What would you do if the only person who can find your missing daughter is the one person you can?t trust?

When Felicity married into the Portman family, she could handle her narcissistic brother-in-law that came with the package. She could even endure their coddling mother who pit her grownup sons against each other. Because Felicity has a gift for dealing with drama ? until her sister-in-law Marin crossed a line she could never uncross.

Marin, who always has to outdo Felicity.
Marin, who blatantly flirts with Felicity?s husband.
Marin, the last person to see Felicity?s daughter alive.

Only a cryptic series of journal entries hints at why the girl vanished six months ago. But no matter how much time passes, Felicity will never stop searching. Or asking questions. Or suspecting Marin had something to do with it.

Carrying the weight of a strained marriage, failing motherhood, and crumbling business, Felicity must fight for her family, or watch everything fall into a slow ruin.

From USA TODAY bestselling author of Pretty Ugly Lies and Little Deadly Secrets comes a highly anticipated psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Lucy Foley, Lisa Jewell, My Dark Vanessa, and Ruth Ware.

?An emotionally charged mystery of how a mother must lose her daughter to find herself.? ? reader review

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December 21, 2021
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