Inspiring True Stories of Everyday Heroes

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Put yourself in the shoes of doctors, nurses and flight attendants with Inspiring True Stories of Everyday Heroes: From the Frontlines of #COVID-19. These stories were collected to give essential workers a place to share their experiences. In this book you will know what it felt like to go to work dressed in head-to-toe Personal Protective Equipment without knowing if the virus will take or spare the lives of patients. You'll sense the anxiety about having to leave your family behind to fulfill your duty as a nurse. You'll feel the pride of landing your dream job as a flight attendant only to experience a global pandemic months later. You'll also feel the heartbreak of losing a family member to COVID while other family members survived it all while working as a nurse treating COVID patients. 
These authors are real life heroes and they don't wear capes. They are our neighbors, loved ones and friends. 
The Unapologetic Voice House compiled and published this anthology book. The Unapologetic Voice House is an independent publishing house on a mission to launch strong female voices and stories into the world.

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Carrie Severson (Autor del prefacio), Emmy Li (Colaborador), Maureen Cavanaugh (Colaborador), Candy Leigh (Colaborador), Brigit Anderson (Colaborador), Vindy Teja (Colaborador), Archana Shrestha (Colaborador), Martins Kristen (Colaborador), Cyndi Searles (Colaborador)
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23 de febrero de 2021
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