The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain - The Original Classic Edition

by Charles Dickens (Author)
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The haunted Man and The Ghost's Bargain - The Original Classic Edition was written by Charles Dickens in the English Language.

Mr Redlaw is a teacher of chemistry who often broods over wrongs done him and grief from his past. He is haunted by a spirit, who is not so much a ghost but as Redlaw's phantom twin and is "an awful likeness of himself...with his features, and his bright eyes, and his grizzled hair, and dressed in the gloomy shadow of his dress..."
This specter appears and proposes to Redlaw that he can allow him to "forget the sorrow, wrong, and trouble you have cancel their remembrance..." Redlaw is hesitant at first, but finally agrees. However, before the spirit vanishes it imposes an additional consequence: "The gift that I have given you, you shall give again, go where you will."
As a consequence of the ghost's intervention Redlaw is without memories of the painful incidents from his past. He experiences a universal anger that he cannot explain. His bitterness spreads to the Swidgers, the Tetterbys and his student. All become as wrathful as Redlaw himself. The only one who is able to avoid the bitterness is Milly. The story climaxes when Milly presents the moral of the tale: "It is important to remember past sorrows and wrongs so that you can then forgive those responsible and, in doing so, unburden your soul and mature as a human being."

The story is about the spirit of the holidays than about the holidays themselves. The tale centres on Professor Redlaw and those close to him. So if you enjoy a thoughtful Christmas story this is for you!

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