Stories Of London History - The Original Classic Edition

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A place is not a home unless human life has woven a thread of story through and through it. Happy are those who dwell as children in a place that oozes with great memories and legendary stories. The city-home of the London child is just such a place. Here we have a city with an old old history losing itself in the mists of time, and preserving itself in the memorials of its ancient sites and the tales that grow like ivy round its odd place-names. Of all this the tourist and visitor takes no note, but the London child is a different kind of being. London stories are the heart and soul of London; they reflect its life in every age; and the London child is heir to them all.

The stories of London in this book are interesting to everybody who loves the old city in all its nooks and corners for its own dear sake, feeling it in all the twists and turns of its varied history, as if their life and its life were bound up in one.

You'll walk about the place and picture the events of which you read as happening within it - you'll see London and its history in their real setting, as they happened in that city by the river on the marshes in its rich history.


Some Very Old Stories

Westminster Abbey

The Charter House

Two Famous Charities

The Story And The History Of Dick Whittington

When Elizabeth Was Queen

The Story Of St. Paul's

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October 24, 2012
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