Drowning in Screen Time

by David Murrow (Author)
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Screens connect us 24/7—and we’ve never been lonelier. The average American spends nine hours a day in the screen world. Heavy screen users are experiencing an epidemic of anxiety, isolation, and suicidal thoughts. The more time we devote to screen life, the more difficult real life becomes.

Bestselling author David Murrow is a screen-industry insider who shows us the way back to balance. His new book is based on five simple parables that explain how and why screens grab our attention and won’t let go. You’ll learn:

  • What screens are doing to your brain and body
  • Why screen time increases anxiety
  • Why screen-mediated communication is threatening your real relationships
  • How to stop checking your phone every three minutes
  • Why millions are spending less time on social media
  • Why people are so nasty online
  • Why video games and web surfing are so addicting
  • Strategies to help parents manage their kids’ screen use
  • How to help a friend or loved one overcome a screen addiction

Drowning in Screen Time is not about becoming a digital hermit. It’s a practical guide that can help anyone find screen life-real life balance again.

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December 29, 2020
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