Commanding an Air Force Squadron in the Twenty-First Century

by Jeffry F. Smith (Author)
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The opportunity to command is a tremendous honor and responsibility and unquestionably will be one of the most significant roles of your Air Force career. The very nature of command is unique to the military; there is no civilian equivalent for this level of trust, authority, and responsibility. The essence of command is leadership, and your example will set the standard for your entire organization. For this reason, command is reserved for those individuals exhibiting only the highest levels of integrity, selflessness, and excellence.

Leadership is not accomplished from behind the desk or by way of E-mail; rather, effective leadership requires you to lead from out front. Since the responsibilities of such leadership may appear daunting to first-time commanders, our Air Force places significant emphasis on precommand training to ensure your readiness for these new responsibilities. Immerse yourself in the available training to ensure you fully understand the rules of engagement.

There is much to learn from the insights, experiences, and recommendations of previous commanders. Lt.-Col. Jeff Smith?s Commanding an Air Force Squadron in the Twenty-First Century provides some excellent perspectives from current and graduated commanders to help set your course and prepare you for the best job in the Air Force.

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November 19, 2020
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