Guide to Philosophy

by C. E. M. Joad (Author)
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Joad's 'Guide to Philosophy' examines systematically but non-technically the central questions of philosophical thought since classical times?Is there a plan to the universe? Is mind unique and independent or a mere secretion of the brain? Is there such a thing as free will? These and similar questions in the theory of knowledge and in metaphysics are introduced, the reasons why they are so much discussed are shown, and the methods by which the discussions have been pursued through the centuries are illustrated. The examination is, for the most part, in terms of opposed solutions- subjective idealism vs. realism, teleology vs. chance, causation vs. temporalism, logical positivism vs. vitalism and modern idealism. Under each problem area, the contributions of each of the major philosophers?Plato, Aristotle, the Scholastics, Kant, Hegel, Leibnitz, William James, and many others?are considered, with such milestones as Plato's theory of ideas, Aristotle's criticism, Kant's and Hegel's philosophical systems, Bergson's philosophy, and Whitehead's philosophy each receiving a chapter or more.

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Publication date
November 19, 2020
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