Classic Radio’s Greatest Shows, Vol. 4

Classic Radio’s Greatest Shows, Vol. 4

by Black Eye Entertainment (Author), a full cast (Narrateur)
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Enjoy sixteen of the greatest episodes from the Golden Age of radio in this collection spanning 1942 through 1960.

This collection contains episodes of The Jack Benny Program, The Abbott & Costello Show, Gunsmoke, The Amos ?N? Andy Show, Suspense, Fibber McGee & Molly, Dragnet, Have Gun?Will Travel, and many others. Relive the best radio shows from yesterday and the legendary stars that made them amazing in this incredible collection.

Full contents:

The Amos ?n? Andy Show, 3/26/46 - ?Baldness Cure?The Bing Crosby Show, 3/12/53 with guests James Stewart and Joe VenutiBold Venture, 1952 - ?Revenge Is Sweet?Dangerous Assignment, 5/18/51 - ?Trinidad: Operation Hotfoot?Dragnet, 2/8/53 - ?The Big Press?Father Knows Best, 3/29/51 - ?Both Bosses Visit?Fibber McGee & Molly, 2/23/43 - ?Keeping the Poker Game a Secret?Fort Laramie, 9/30/56 - ?A Small Beginning?The Fred Allen Show, 4/9/44 with guest Reginald GardinerThe Great Gildersleeve, 6/7/42 - ?The Sneezes?Gunsmoke, 12/5/53 - ?The Lamb?Have Gun?Will Travel, 5/1/60 - ?Dressed to Kill?The Jack Benny Program, 4/16/39 - ?Man About Town?Philo Vance, Detective, 7/12/49 - ?The One-Cent Murder Case?Suspense, 8/16/45 - ?Short Order?The Whistler, 1/1/50 - ?Evening Stroll?

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November 17, 2020
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