The Neck: The Water Spirit - an erotic Midsummer story

by Elena Lund (Author), Nika Abiri (Translator)
55 Loans, One at a time

"I open my mouth and shamelessly let my tongue slide across his finger, kissing it again and again.
?I have been looking for you for so long,? I say. My voice cracks when I speak like it does when you?re close to tears. My whole body is vibrating. A mixture of adrenaline and desire.
?And I have been waiting for you,? he says."

Ever since Vera was a child, she has felt that there is something special about the summer cottage. As if there was something there, watching her. Pulling her closer. And one midsummer morning, she suddenly hears it again. That melody. Feels that presence again. The Neck. Vera has been waiting her whole life to see him. And now he slowly walks towards her and lays her down, naked, in the cool moss.

The Neck is an eerie, sensual short story in which fairytale and reality meet in a divine and unforgettable midsummer morning.

Elena Lund is a pseudonym for a Swedish erotica author who wants her stories to challenge our preconceived ideas of desire and lust, norms and standards. She writes erotica that places the reader in new, unexpected and emotionally charged situations.

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Publication Date
November 24, 2020