The Sex Club La Cabaña - Erotic Short Story

de Vanessa Salt (Autor), Emma Ericson (Traductor)
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"Barefoot, I walk through the green and yellow sequins of the beaded curtains that hang from the ceiling in the doorway. They feel nice against my skin. To be completely naked is... arousing. The music grows louder with each step. Vibrating, sensual music. I understand I must be getting close to the real entrance of the club. Rays of light finding their way in. Shadows and shapes. And then I?m inside."

Vicky's life is completely different now, and it is all Daniel's fault. She loved him, but after his countless affairs she couldn?t stay with him. How do you get over heartbreak like that? Vicky decides to open a door that she has never dared to open before. In there awaits everything she has ever dreamed of?a sex club with wonderful cocktails, naked bodies and unimaginable pleasure.

Vanessa Salt is a pseudonym. Vanessa finds inspiration for the stories on her many travels, where hot exotic places nourish her erotic fantasies. She writes with humour about the passion that can arise when you least expect it.

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24 de noviembre de 2020