Workout buddies - Short Erotic Story

by Lisa Vild (Author), Malin Edholm (Translator)
55 Loans, One at a time

"Tilda has her hand in between Natta's legs and her fingers move decisively over the shiny fabric of her work-out tights. Whimpering, Natta presses against the hand as she covers Tilda with kisses. The fact that anyone could walk into the gym at any moment and see them ? catch them in the act ? doesn?t even cross their mind.

Their tight work-out clothes highlight their curves perfectly and they throw yearning looks at each other. Sweat trickles down their hot bodies and the gym turns into one big erogenous zone. When they finally give in to their desires, they completely forget that they are in a public space...

Lisa Vild is a pseudonym for a Swedish author of erotic short stories. Her stories also have traits of romance. Her stories are always centred around strong women and focused on their lust and pleasure, as well as their personal development. In her stories, Lisa explores sensitive but tantalizing subjects to normalise sex and female desire.

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Publication Date
November 24, 2020